Be Browmazing!!!

Eyebrows naturally frame your face, accentuate your eyes and enhance facial expression. When shaped skilfully and accurately your brows can lift your eyes and pronounce cheekbones. Anyone with eyebrows that are naturally fair, too short, thin or completely gone will benefit from Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement.

All eyebrow treatments take into account the shape of your face, your skin tone, and eye colour. We can create a natural realistic look with an individual hair by hair method, a bolder powder brow look, or a combination of both. The choice is yours and this can be discussed during your consultation.

Eyebrow treatments consist of two appointments.  You will be advised on colour, shape, and method. The shape is drawn on and together we will select a colour you are happy with. Once you are completely happy we will proceed with the treatment. Most clients want a very natural subtle look and I am always cautious with colour as we can always add when you come in for your touch-up approximately 4 weeks later.

A lot of us will have heard of Microblading, phi phi brows, embroidery treatments being marketed a lot lately. These are all similar blading techniques used to create perfect hairstrokes into the eyebrows.

Lots of people in the public eye have spoken out about having the Microblading technique done to create the perfect eyebrows for them. Michelle Keegan, Pippa O’Connor, Tara Makeup, and blogger Rosemary McCabe are just a few who have all had the Microblading technique. Although this is a very popular technique people should know that it is not suitable for everybody’s skin and is not as gentle on the skin as the Nano Needle.


Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment that mimics the appearance of hair in the eyebrow line. By using a fine handheld blade, small lines are created which look identical to hairs. Microblading provides a very natural look, where a colour is chosen to suit your colouring. However, top-ups may be required more frequently as the pigment usually fades a lot faster than with the Nano Needle machine. Microblading is not suitable for somebody with an oily skin type and the pigment will not hold well in this case.

Nano Needle 3D Hair Stroke

If you would like to achieve a very natural, hair stroke effect then the Nano-Needle treatment is for you. It is suitable for all skin types and creates beautifully natural brow effects. The most advanced and gentle machine on the market is used to create the perfect look

Powder Brows

For clients who prefer a fuller brow effect. This technique gives the effect of a soft powdered pencil finish. It provides a fuller brow but with a selection of colours we can still maintain a soft texture. It adds depth, definition, and results in a more ‘made up’ look.

The Combo Brow

Some clients will suit a combination of both hairstroke and powder brow effect.


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