Gloss & Go Lips – Just add gloss and you are good to go!!!

This is a Tracie Giles trademark treatment and the perfect treatment for those wanting a fuller or more defined lip shape. It is a perfect way to restore shape and fullness lost with age and can transform thin or uneven lips.

Have beautifully shaped and tinted lips with a precise border and infusion of colour, giving you full, natural lips…effortlessly. This is a great alternative to lip fillers and gives a beautiful natural finish. Thick lipliners can look dated and unnatural, this treatment is about making your lips even, creating the illusion of volume and ensuring that the colour stays put in any situation so that all you need to do is add a dab of gloss and you’re good to go.

Select from a large range of fabulous shades and have perfect kissable lips all day long – no smudges in sight!!! Irish TV Personality Vogue Williams visits the Tracie Giles clinic to have her “Gloss and Go” lips retouched regularly.


Certified Technician

Indelible Liner Certified Technician Galway


Certified Technician