Permanent Makeup Services FAQ

Permanent Makeup Services FAQ2019-01-17T13:11:50+00:00

Have a look at some of the frequently asked questions about permanent makeup services.

What is the difference between Semi-permanent Makeup and Permanent Makeup?2019-01-11T12:11:45+00:00

Nothing.  There is no difference between the two.  They are in fact the same.  The reason for the two terminologies is that because the pigment fades over time some technicians will promote it as semi-permanent.  While pigment fades over time we can never guarantee it will completely leave the skin.

Am I suitable for permanent makeup?2019-01-11T12:39:12+00:00

Most people are suitable for some form of permanent makeup. Clients are advised to select natural-looking enhancements. We will start with a one-to-one consultation where we will discuss your expectations and any features you wish to correct or balance.

Is there a chance of infection?2019-01-11T12:48:38+00:00

At all times the strictest safety procedures are adhered to. Sterile needles from sealed packets are used for each treatment

Is Permanent Makeup Safe?2019-01-11T12:49:28+00:00

Absolutely. All pigments are made of natural minerals that are specifically selected for their safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic properties.

Does Permanent Makeup hurt?2019-01-11T12:42:37+00:00

The procedure is performed with your comfort in mind. For this reason, anesthetic gel is applied prior to treatment to minimise discomfort. The inedebliner machine is refined, quiet and gentle and many comment that the treatment is no more painful than having their eyebrows tweezed.

How long does it last?2019-01-11T12:45:39+00:00

The pigment will fade over time although it may not disappear forever. Some technicians advise 2/5 years when in actual fact there is no guarantee as each individual will react differently and lifestyle plays a major role.

This is a “low maintenance” treatment but not “no maintenance”. A colour refresher treatment is recommended every twelve to eighteen months to maintain the perfect results.


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